Lf Upholstery





New York Artisan Luis Feliz founded his studio LF Upholstery in 2000 as a destination for clients to collaborate on one-of-a-kind fine furniture.  LF Upholstery operates under the ethos: "A great piece of furniture must include these three elements: beauty, comfort, and practicality." 

Luis Feliz arrived in the US in the winter of 1979 at the age of 19.  While learning English and studying full time to become an accountant, he worked in an upholstery shop as an apprentice.  This experience sparked a life long passion for creating beautiful and carefully crafted furniture specializing in upholstery.  Luis Feliz worked with some of  the industries most respected companies reinforcing his knowledge and skill set.  His Mentors instilled in him a sense of design history and the importance of expert craftsmanship.  After years of learning from legendary furniture makers Luis Feliz became a Master craftsman and set out to create his own company, LF Upholstery. 

Lf Upholstery serves as one of the leading fine upholstery and high end custom furniture manufacturers in New York City.